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 What are High-End image


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Custom image styling

to match your home

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8 wonders high res 1.png

Using complex photo editing tools to polish an image while keeping details and texture intact with client-artist guided decisions. To enhance an image is to bring out the natural beauty we see with our eyes that the lens cannot always duplicate. To remove unexpected or unwanted elements that the client feels do not represent who they are. To create a story and/or artistic vision in order to foster emotions from images. 

What can high-end retouching include?

Blemish removal 
Skin smoothening
Teeth whitening
Color correction
Background cleanup
Add/correct makeup
Outfit retouching
Dodge/burn techniques
Image Stylization
Posture correction
Hair/eye color change
Head swap

Does 8 Wonders Photography apply all of the available high-end retouches to all photos? 

No. During the pre-photoshoot consultation we will talk about what edits you would like of any. 

8 wonders high res 1.png