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By Elizabeth Hummer

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I am Elizabeth, photographer/editor and owner of 8 Wonders Photography. I am a dog-mom of 2 fluffy pups and wife to what I would describe as my dream man. My passion is learning and researching. That's what drew me into photography & editing. There are an endless amount of things to learn!   


I spend most Saturdays focusing on anything creative including my newest obsession fine art editing. I also love playing games with friends and cuddling with my pups/hubs.



My goal was never just to take photos, but to capture emotions, and edit them to reflect what we feel not just what we see. I won't give you hundreds of 'meh' photos, instead I aspire to provide you with images that give you all the feels. Images you will want to print or post as your profile picture because it's truly something special.

Please reach out if you are interested and plan ahead because I have limited spots per year that fill up quickly. Hope to talk with you soon!

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